Spokane Angels

Foster children in our area need you. There are approximately 10,000 children that have been removed from their homes in Wa state alone. There are simply not enough homes for these children and some are having to stay in supervised hotel rooms because there’s nowhere else to go. If you have any interest in becoming a foster parent, please message me or contact your local DSHS!

But maybe you want to help but don’t feel like it is a good time to foster children in your home? What do you do when you feel the need but are not ready to jump into foster parenting?? That’s exactly why we are starting Spokane Angels.

Spokane Angels is a non profit that creates an opportunity for people in our community to walk alongside foster children and their caretakers by offering consistent support though intentional giving, relationship building and mentorship. We do that through the alive Box program. When you sign on to volunteer with Spokane Angels you are committing to visit the child you are partnered with at least once a month and bring a Love Box. It is simply a box that is filled with things the child wants and needs, such as new shoes or snacks they like. You will be creating a long term relationship with this child by championing them and belling them reach their full potential. Supporting them through their academics, extracurricular and relationships as they grow into young adults.

Here is a video from the founder of Austin Angels explaining her heart behind the mission! Please watch it, here.

If you believe in helping these children grow and THRIVE through this challenging part of their lives, please consider donating even just $1 to help us get this non profit started in the Spokane Area. If you have any questions about foster care, or Spokane Angels please comment below or message me directly!!

Donate here.

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