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Motherhood isn’t made in a day

Motherhood isn’t made in a day. We might become a mom in a moment but motherhood is made over time. We start with a tiny new baby and no owner’s manual. Kids do some strange things and no one really prepares you for how to handle them. We read books, articles, mom blogs, listen to podcast- anything to help us be better. We try harder to be more patient, less frazzled and more present. We are caught up in our mistakes and our shortcomings and suddenly, it seems like we are doing it all wrong. Not enough of of this, too much of that. We were too harsh, or too soft, we should have let them cry, should have picked them up – whatever we choose it seems to always be the wrong choice. But motherhood isn’t made in a day. Your motherhood is not defined by today. We don’t just wake up and magically become the perfect mom we’ve always wanted to be. We have to learn and grow, just like our children. There will be days of limited patience and outbursts and those are days where we learn how to do it better next time, those are the days of growth in our motherhood. And it is good to grow.  You will never be a perfect mom and thats perfectly ok. Your children do not need a perfect mother, they need a REAL mother. A mom who has hard days just like they do. That apologizes when they make mistakes, just like we teach them to. A mom that will show them how to handle their shortcomings by being open with her own. So maybe you snapped today, or maybe they had a little too much fast food or maybe it was just a bad day. Having a bad day doesn’t make you a bad mom.

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